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Alabama vs Tennessee

Can you believe it’s already the third week in October? Time flies when you’re having fun (at least for ‘Bama fans). We’ve seen some great college football the past seven weeks. There have been some quality opponents and compelling storylines. If you regard Saturday as your Sabbath, then you’ve not been disappointed. However, none of the games or headlines until this point can rival the third week in October. All Alabama and Tennessee fans mark their calendars for this marquee matchup. Heck, some even plan their wedding around it.

Scratch Saban’s Alabama has made a propensity for whipping each group in the SEC, yet some have deteriorated than others.Arkansas’ combined edge of thrashing in those diversions is a practically unbelievable 422-149. The following most tormented group: Tennessee, which visits Tuscaloosa on Saturday (3:30 p.m. ET, CBS). Under Saban, the Tide are 10-0 against the Vols, with an aggregate score of 351-119.

The normal Tennessee misfortune to Saban’s Bama is 35-12. It’s likely going to deteriorate.S&P+ ventures a 39-11 Alabama win. Bettors venture a significantly grislier outcome. This amusement includes the most stretched out point spread in arrangement history: up to 36.5 on Friday morning. Alabama vs Tennessee Live Stream

In any case, it’s not recently that. Tennessee hasn’t been this enormous an underdog in any amusement since no less than 1985, as per the database at It’s presumably the most directs Tennessee’s at any point been normal toward lose by in any diversion.It’s the second-most stretched out line in the FBS this week. The largest is for Kansas-TCU, where the unbeaten Horned Frogs are supported by 37.5 at home against the 1-5 Jayhawks.

More often than not, Bama performs up to (and over) desires versus Tennessee.

Amid this decade-long streak, the Tide are 7-3 against the spread. One of those came when Tennessee was favored, in Saban’s mulligan first year at work.

2016: Bama – 14, won by 39

2015: Bama – 14.5, won by 5

2014: Bama – 20, won by 14

2013: Bama – 28, won by 35

2012: Bama – 19.5, won by 31

2011: Bama – 29, won by 31

2010: Bama – 17, won by 31

2009: Bama – 14, won by 2

2008: Bama – 5, won by 20

2007: Bama + 1, won by 24

Tennessee has played Bama aggressively (or approximating intensely) three times in 10 recreations. In the event that it winds up noticeably four of every 11, that’ll be stunning.

How about we include some point of view how enormous a puppy Tennessee is here.

What’s more, consider some other point spreads this season:

Penn State – 30 against Akron

Reddish-brown – 34.5 against Georgia Southern

LSU – 35 against Chattanooga

Clemson – 38 against Kent State

Against Alabama’s three boss opponents (Tennessee, Auburn, and LSU) the main line over the most recent 20 years that approaches is Alabama as a 34-point most loved over Auburn in 2012. Alabama won that amusement 49-0 and secured the aggregate (46) without anyone else’s input. Alabama vs Tennessee Live Stream

Furthermore, perhaps the most enlightening:

Tennessee – 35.5 against Indiana State.

Bookmakers thought the distinction in the vicinity of Tennessee a still-winless-in-Week 8 FCS group was littler than the one amongst Alabama and Tennessee.

Tennessee fans have needed to leave themselves to what’s coming.

From the diversion see at Rocky Top Talk, SB Nation’s Vols blog:

I think Vegas reveals to all of us we have to know here. Part that five touchdown line is the straightforward truth that Alabama is pulverizing about everybody this year. The other piece of that is the way that Tennessee hasn’t scored a touchdown in 2.5 amusements. It’s one group on a pinnacle and another in a valley. You simply need to trust Tennessee can keep it respectable. Alabama vs Tennessee Live Stream

Better days are coming — I trust. Ruler knows we merit it.

“Saturday will get UGLY,” understands one string at the message sheets. One Tennessee fan noticed that a 40-0 score was a plausibility.

“Toward the finish of the second quarter,” another reacted.

Butch Jones ought to be happy this is occurring at the present time.

Tennessee may have terminated its mentor a week ago, notwithstanding how mean it would’ve been to expedite a break mentor in the nick of time to get keep running over by Bama. Alabama vs Tennessee Live Stream

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