Monday, February 26, 2018

Oklahoma vs Texas

As the well-known axiom goes, when Oklahoma and Texas tussle at the Cotton Bowl in October, you can toss out the record books. The Sooners would most likely welcome striking at any rate a week ago’s outcome, a 38-31 disturb misfortune to Iowa State, from the record. In the mean time, Texas scored a twofold extra time prevail upon Kansas State behind green bean quarterback Sam Ehlinger’s arm and legs.

OU’s barrier seemed, by all accounts, to be in confuse against the Cyclones. Presently the Longhorns get their shot at adding to the Sooners’ cautious burdens.

Another torpid exertion from Oklahoma could prompt the Sooners’ initial two-amusement losing streak in the customary season since before Bob Stoops came to Norman. UT would love simply to stick that misfortune on its despised opponent from up north.

Oklahoma versus Texas (Dallas)

Kickoff: Saturday, Oct. 14 at 3:30 p.m. ET

Television station: ESPN

Spread: Oklahoma – 7.5

Three Things to Watch

1. What’s Texas doing at quarterback?

Sam Ehlinger guided UT to a close steamed of USC and a W over KSU, which is never a given for the Longhorns. Sophomore Shane Buechele has had what’s coming to him of battles in his second year as a starter while fighting wounds. The error leaves space for hypothesis in the matter of why Texas head mentor Tom Herman keeps on demanding that Buechele is vieing for the best line on the profundity graph.

Is there something we don’t have a clue, or is Herman playing mind diversions with his QBs?

2. Bread cook Mayfield’s affinity with his collectors

Oklahoma’s QB has earned a lot of buildup in the most recent year, he’s as yet setting up ostentatious passing insights. All things considered, his diversion just looks off – driving less than ideal tosses downfield and clutching the ball for a really long time.

That could be expected to some degree to his absence of solace with his accepting corps. Mayfield needs to discover his direction onto their same wave length, particularly if green bean phenom CeeDee Lamb (bear) can’t play this end of the week.

3. Oklahoma’s exertion

It was missing from the resistance against Iowa State. Severely.

The Sooner safeguards daydreamed and took poor points in interest. They likewise didn’t demonstrate much enthusiasm for winning balls noticeable all around when the Cyclones tossed down the field. All things considered, it resembled a gathering of players who were presumptuous or simply couldn’t have cared less.

In the event that OU’s D can’t get up for this competition amusement, Lincoln Riley could have a significant issue staring him in the face.

Last Analysis

Will the misfortune to Iowa State snap the Sooners out of their funk?

That is the agent question for this diversion. Texas is enhancing under the Tom Herman administration, yet for the present, the Sooners remain the better group of the two. That doesn’t mean anything, however, in the event that OU’s players keep making a halfhearted effort.

In light of the setting for this diversion, expect a far superior exertion from the Sooners. Search for a sharp diversion from OU and a decent yet not-sufficient execution out of Texas. At last, Baker Mayfield will out-duel UT’s QBs and bring home the Golden Hat in his last appearance in the Cotton Bowl.

Forecast: Oklahoma 42, Texas 31

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